Our Team

Jennifer Barron


A native Texan, Jennifer was born and raised in Dallas. She attended Vanderbilt University to pursue a degree in Human and Organizational Development and a minor in Art History. Following graduation, Jennifer returned to her hometown with Teach for America, after which she decided to pursue her love for design. To begin her career, she attended the Art Institute of Chicago, transferring to the Art Institute of Houston where she received her degree in Interior Design. While a student, she earned real-time experience working part time for a designer, and was eventually brought on full-time as a Project Designer upon graduating.

In September of 2015, Jennifer launched Jennifer Barron Interiors. As a professional Interior Designer, Jennifer believes in the philosophy that her clients should be so in love with their home, they are excited every time they walk in their front door. Her mission is to make her clients' visions reality and believes that in each space, there should be something meaningful to them. Jennifer uses color and pattern to bring rooms to life, often turning to her favorite medium: wallpaper! Jennifer’s self-described style incorporates a blend of antiques with more contemporary elements of design. She brings her passion for style and design to each project, motivated by making a change in a place that her clients experience every day – their home.

Jennifer currently resides in Houston with her husband (John), son (Gaines) and daughter (Sally). She enjoys traveling, especially with family and friends to Park City, Utah where she loves to ski. When she’s not designing, Jennifer can be found jogging with Gaines and Sally, taking a long bath, or indulging in her guilty pleasure (sour candy).

For more information on collaborating with Jennifer or about your project, please contact jennifer@jbarroninteriors.com. 

Laura Broussard

Project Designer

Like Jennifer, Laura is also a native Texan, born and raised in Beaumont. She earned a Marketing degree from Texas A&M University in 2015. With an undeniable passion for interior design, Laura attended the Art Institute of Houston upon graduation from A&M to receive her degree in Interior Design. Laura started her career with Cindy Witmer Designs as an associate designer before joining Jennifer Barron Interiors in the spring of 2017.

Laura strives to ensure that everyone's home is not only beautiful, but also uniquely designed to reflect the lifestyle of each client. She loves to draw inspiration from her travels and incorporate the history of architecture and interiors into the present day home. Her passion for life is exhibited through her use of color to make a room more lively and exciting. She loves to explore and try new ideas in the most beautiful and effective way possible. Laura emphasizes her love for design by encouraging her clients to have fun with the space!

When Laura is not designing, you can find her in the kitchen trying out new recipes or spoiling her mini labradoodle, Hank. With a curiosity for the world, she tries to travel to new places as much as possible.

Mallory Fernandez

Design Assistant

A native Houstonian, Mallory recalls an early attraction to all things beautiful as a child. With a desire to see and know more about people, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Medicine, Health and Society, and later, a Master’s of Science in Nursing from Vanderbilt University. After 5 years of working in the medical industry, Mallory chose to pursue her innate passion for interior design and joined Jennifer’s firm in September 2017. 

Mallory is committed to creating authentic spaces that truly reflect the individual, often drawing upon texture and tone-on-tone palettes to characterize her environment. Like Laura, she too draws inspiration from her travels abroad that have lent her unforgettable glimpses of historical, globally relevant design.

When Mallory is not in the studio, you’ll find her walking her lab mix, Georgia, indulging in the not-so-occasional Tiny’s cookie and spending time with family and friends.