Top Coffee Table Books For Any Room

If you read our last post, we talked about our favorite coffee tables for all different lifestyles. Today we want to share some of our favorite coffee table books. We believe when decorating a home, coffee table books always add an interesting element to any room. They provide color with their vibrant covers, interesting reading material, as well as a wide array of intriguing photos to flip through. Below are some of our top picks.

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Coffee Table Solutions For Every Lifestyle

Picking and styling a coffee table can be a tricky matter. Many times, the concept of function over fashion comes in to play. Typically the coffee table is a center piece to many living rooms and can serve many different functions. Whether it be a spot to display some of your favorite decorative books, a place to rest your drinks, or the perfect spot for that delicious cheese board, this important piece of furniture is serving a function. Different lifestyles call for different coffee table use: a coffee table may be refined (and hardly every touched!), a centerpiece in a play zone for kids, or something that can easily change no matter the occasion. Below we have included examples of different coffee tables and various ways they can be styled. 

1. A Rustic coffee table is prefect for a central area of the home. We all know that almost all furniture will eventually show signs of wear and tear. However, with a rustic look, a few dents, scrapes, or markings tend to be less noticeable and only add to the pre-existing character of the table.  


2. For a house with active kids, a tufted ottoman table is the perfect solution. The soft edges keep younger kids from those sharp corners, while still looking as stylish as any coffee table. Adding a tray with a few items allows you to still accessorize while being able to easily move those items out of the way when needed. 


3. A modern acrylic table is perfect for those that love the clean and sleek lines of contemporary furniture. This style is extremely functional and easy to clean (perfect for those cheese boards or hors d'oeuvres). The clear appearance allows the piece to be a statement item while at the same time straying away from a large and bulky look. The clear acrylic material gives the area a more airy and open feel. 


4. For those that want to make a bold statement, there's nothing like a marble table with gold accents to really draw the eye in. With designers, such as Jonathan Adler, creating such amazing pieces, there are endless options. Creating a trendy and glamorous living room truly starts with a piece of great furniture, and why not let that be your coffee table. 


5. A mid-century modern coffee table is perfect for those wanting to add a little retro feel to their living room. Whether it be having friends over for a drink or just adding some retro flare to your home, a mid-century design is going to give your home the swanky feel you want. 


What kind of coffee table works with your lifestyle?